The Anglican church in Australia has been hijacked by deceivers.

By Andrew Mackinnon

The Anglican church in Australia is the institutional church in Australia.

In 1980, the Anglican church in Australia had enormous cultural influence by virtue of this status as the institutional church of Australia. (It still has some cultural influence despite being infiltrated by Jews (i.e. Edomites) pretending to be followers of Jesus Christ who now control it with the objective of destroying it. Even people like me who are acutely aware of all of its grievous flaws and have watched its decline with horror still identify with it by virtue of its original, implicit mandate to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to white, English-speaking people in Scotland, England, Wales, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and make disciples of them.) Read more...

I put a letter into a red Australia Post box and fell down a rabbit hole.

By Andrew Mackinnon

I put a letter into a red Australia Post box on the street today and was very surprised to see that the times after which the box gets emptied have changed.  It used to be 6pm on weekdays and Sunday but now it’s 3pm on weekdays and 12pm on Sundays.  I guess they don’t want their drivers being out so late on the roads when the roads are very busy around 6pm with everybody coming back from work during the week and when the sun has gone down so that it’s dark during the months that don’t fall under daylight savings.

So, when I got back home, I went to the Australia Post website to find an official statement relating to these new times.  I brought up the home page of the Australia Post website, being, and was very interested to observe that this home page contains various photos showing five adults and one child.  Here’s the breakdown: Read more...