I have come to the conclusion that the origin of non-white people on the earth is fallen angels having sexual intercourse with white women.

By Andrew Mackinnon

I believe that Adam and Eve were real historical people, like the Bible clearly indicates, and that they were both white people.

I believe that Noah, his wife, his three son’s Shem, Ham and Japeth and their three wives, who survived the flood by taking refuge in the ark that Noah built, were, most likely, all white. Read more...

Protect white countries around the world from the irresponsible overpopulation of India and China of 2.1 billion people.

By Andrew Mackinnon

The geographical size of the United States of America is 9.8 million square kilometres. Its estimated population in 2014 is 318 million people. Therefore its estimated population density in 2014 is 32.4 people per square kilometre.

United States of America

Godless religions in countries around the world cause oversexualisation, which causes overpopulation.

By Andrew Mackinnon

Godless religions in countries around the world cause oversexualisation (being excessive interest in sexual intercourse), which causes overpopulation, being excessive population density, which causes poverty, since the resources of the overpopulated countries are shared by excessive numbers of people, which causes death, which corrects overpopulation but does not correct oversexualisation, if the godless religions remain.