The recent bushfires in NSW were deliberately lit in order to build support for ‘climate change’ policy.

By Andrew Mackinnon

The recent bushfires in New South Wales were deliberately lit in order to promote the idea that ‘climate change’ is the threat which caused them and that Australia therefore needs to enact policy to deal with ‘climate change’ so as to prevent further devastation.  In turn, the fraud of ‘carbon dioxide-driven climate change’ is being used to distract the attention of the citizenry away from the failing economy and the very damaging effects of mass immigration on the country.  ‘Climate change’ is being cast as an even more pressing issue than the failing economy so that the government isn’t held accountable by the citizenry for its woeful leadership.

It’s irrelevant who was caught lighting the fires, even if they were youths.  These are third party intermediaries used for plausible deniability, unless they are fabrications who don’t even exist.  The Australian government is behind the deliberate lighting of these fires.  Does anybody seriously believe that the entire state was thrown into chaos because a bunch of tweens and teens, scattered across the state, suddenly had a collective epiphany to burn the place to the ground?  It’s nonsense.  This was a co-ordinated campaign of destruction using arsonists of whatever age, whether real or fabricated, as scapegoats for the real perpetrator – the Australian government.

Look at the flare up in the Jewish-controlled media linking the fires to ‘climate change’.  It’s obvious.  First, school children in Australia protested about ‘climate change’ and that fell flat.  Then Greta Thunberg travelled to the United Nations in a yacht to protest about ‘climate change’ and that fell flat, because nobody wants to be lectured by a sixteen year old being fed a bunch of lines by adult propagandists.  So, the people who want policy to be enacted in Australia regarding ‘climate change’ said to each other, “They ignored the school children.  They even ignored Greta!  Let’s give them something they can’t ignore.”

The Sydney Morning Herald went bananas linking the bushfires to ‘climate change’.  It’s owned by Nine Entertainment Co., whose chairman is former Treasurer, Liberal Party representative and crypto-Jew, Peter Costello.  The linkage between ‘climate change’ and the bushfires is quite obviously approved by the Liberal Party, albeit secretly.  Does anybody seriously believe that the journalists at the Sydney Morning Herald sat around twiddling their thumbs waiting for bushfires to occur so that they could write about the destructive influence of ‘climate change’?  It is well known by now that these fires were deliberately lit.  They were deliberately lit by the Australian government, then the order was given for journalists to link the bushfires to ‘climate change’.  Responsible journalism would have linked the fires first and foremost to arson, but responsible journalism didn’t occur.  Why?  Because these fires were deliberately lit to build public support for the enactment of policy regarding ‘climate change’.

Australian citizens voted Liberal over Labor at the last federal election because they didn’t want the action on ‘climate change’ that Labor was promoting.  The majority think that ‘carbon dioxide-driven climate change’ is a fraud, like I do.  (Carbon dioxide exists in the earth’s atmosphere at less than 400 parts per million, which is less than 1 part per 2,500, so it doesn’t influence the climate to any appreciable extent.)  Australians voted the Liberal Party into federal government at the last federal election earlier this year because it’s the lesser of two very bad evils.  Scott Morrison is an appalling Prime Minister but Bill Shorten would have been twice as bad.

The Liberal Party pretends to be opposed to action on ‘climate change’ but that is only pretence.  It knows that the majority of Australian citizens don’t trust the ‘climate change’ agenda, so it has pretended to adopt the same mistrust in order to win their support.  Therefore, if it’s going to be successful enacting policy on ‘climate change’, it needs to resort to indirect methods of lobbying the citizenry, such as deliberately lighting bushfires and then relying on the media to push the narrative that ‘climate change’ is the reason for the fires.  The Liberal Party wants to end up in a position in which it is seen as having no choice but to enact policy to deal with ‘climate change’, since ‘climate change’ has become universally recognised as a threat by the citizenry due to high-impact incidents like the bushfires in New South Wales.

The Liberal Party supports action on ‘climate change’ because its allegiance is to the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan that needs action on ‘climate change’ in countries around the world in order to provide an excuse for establishing world government ruling over various unions around the world like the European Union, the African Union and the South American Union.  There is a planned Asia-Pacific Union including China, India and Australia, as well as other Asian countries.  There is also a planned North American Union including the United States of America, Canada and Mexico.  ‘Climate change’ is the fabricated threat to the entire world which the synagogue of Satan will claim can only be properly addressed with common policies and methodologies enforced and implemented by world government.  The Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan has been pushing the fraudulent ‘climate change’ agenda in earnest since 2008 and it’s had this issue simmering away in various forms for the past three decades and longer.

The bushfires in New South Wales also serve to deliberately distract the attention of the citizenry away from the failing economy in Australia and on to this latest manufactured crisis.  Jews thrive on crisis.  They don’t want the Gentiles to exercise their minds and analyse all of the ways in which they’re being done over and then take action to fix them.  The resentment expressed by Australian citizens in recent weeks about mass immigration and the failing economy was quickly becoming unmanageable for the Australian government.  The bushfires sprang up out of nowhere and put an end to that daily discussion which was gathering momentum like an avalanche.  When the citizenry are winning the argument against the government narrative, which is completely dismissive of the long-suffering of the citizenry, the government knocks all the pieces off the chess board like a petulant child by lighting the bushfires and storms off.

In a short time, the government will say, “At this time of year in which Christmas is upon us, let’s turn our thoughts to our fellow citizens and think of ways in which we can reach out and help those doing it tough, like the bushfire victims who have lost everything.”  In the midst of the bushfire crisis, it all sounds very noble, until one realises that it was the government that deliberately created this crisis by lighting the fires.