The recent bushfires in NSW were deliberately lit in order to build support for ‘climate change’ policy.

By Andrew Mackinnon

The recent bushfires in New South Wales were deliberately lit in order to promote the idea that ‘climate change’ is the threat which caused them and that Australia therefore needs to enact policy to deal with ‘climate change’ so as to prevent further devastation.  In turn, the fraud of ‘carbon dioxide-driven climate change’ is being used to distract the attention of the citizenry away from the failing economy and the very damaging effects of mass immigration on the country.  ‘Climate change’ is being cast as an even more pressing issue than the failing economy so that the government isn’t held accountable by the citizenry for its woeful leadership.

It’s irrelevant who was caught lighting the fires, even if they were youths.  These are third party intermediaries used for plausible deniability, unless they are fabrications who don’t even exist.  The Australian government is behind the deliberate lighting of these fires.  Does anybody seriously believe that the entire state was thrown into chaos because a bunch of tweens and teens, scattered across the state, suddenly had a collective epiphany to burn the place to the ground?  It’s nonsense.  This was a co-ordinated campaign of destruction using arsonists of whatever age, whether real or fabricated, as scapegoats for the real perpetrator – the Australian government. Read more...