An electric jigsaw is a safe and effective means of cutting wood accurately.

By Andrew Mackinnon

Earlier this year, I purchased a good-quality, Makita-brand, corded electric jigsaw (model number JV0600K) as follows and used a steel set square to ensure that the blade was adjusted as close to 90 degrees as humanly possible.

I purchased Makita-brand electric jigsaw blades for cutting wood (model number B-11) as follows, since Makita-brand electric jigsaw blades seem to be the best-quality electric jigsaw blades available.

I have found that I can obtain an unbelievably high-quality, straight cut by clamping a straight piece of wood to the piece of wood being cut and using this straight piece of wood as a guide for the electric jigsaw or by using a Makita-brand electric jigsaw guide as follows.

Two (2) M4 allen key bolts are required (such as with 16 mm long shafts) as follows, in order to secure the Makita-brand electric jigsaw guide to the Makita-brand electric jigsaw (model number JV0600K).

I recommend using an electric jigsaw to cut wood as a much safer method than using an electric circular saw.

(For myself, I would never use an electric circular saw because, in my opinion, it is too dangerous to use.

I feel the same way about an electric angle grinder.)

When using an electric jigsaw to cut wood, I recommend wearing plastic safety glasses as a precautionary measure and wearing a dust mask because an electric jigsaw generates very fine wood dust, on account of the cutting involved, which is best not to inhale.

When using an electric jigsaw, it is important to not carelessly cut through the 120-volt or 240-volt electric cord, which is actually possible in confined spaces or when using an electric jigsaw without an extension cord, so that the electric cord of the electric jigsaw is short.

Electric jigsaws are safe to use, especially good-quality electric jigsaws like Makita-brand electric jigsaws.

However, it is very important not to increase the risk involved in using an electric jigsaw, such as by carelessly placing your fingers near the cutting blade. The cutting blade oscillates at a very high speed and will cause significant injury, to say the least, to any part of the human body with which it comes into contact.


If you want to drill straight, I recommend using a drill guide like the “Big Gator Tools V-Drill Guide – 3.0 mm to 9.5 mm” as follows.