120-volt and 240-volt alarm clocks emit too much electromagnetic radiation and are harmful to human health.

By Andrew Mackinnon

I strongly recommend that you purchase an electromagnetic field (EMF) meter like the following, in order to measure the amount of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that your alarm clock emits in volts per metre, especially if it is a 120-volt (USA and Canada) or 240-volt (Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand) alarm clock like most alarm clocks:


I measured my 240-volt alarm clock with this EMF meter that I have owned for a long time.

My 240-volt alarm clock emits more than 200 volts per metre.

Sleeping with a 240-volt alarm clock that emits more than 200 volts per metre nearby will definitely impede the finely calibrated biological processes of the human body, which operate on the basis of electrical impulses, including the growth and repair of cells while sleeping, thereby diminishing the health and well-being of the human body.

I have decided to no longer use my 240-volt alarm clock and have purchased the following alarm clock that runs on just three (3) AAA 1.5-volt batteries, so that it is certain to emit much less electromagnetic radiation: