The relationship between non-existent COVID-19, the 5G wireless network and COVID-19 vaccines containing graphene oxide…

By Andrew Mackinnon

The negative effects of exposure to excessive electromagnetic energy, such as from the 5G wireless network (and from the 4G wireless network), upon the human body include oxidation (i.e. corrosion) of the human body at the cellular level. As an immune response to these negative effects, the human body produces exosomes, just as it produces exosomes as an immune response to illnesses such as the cold, the flu, asthma and cancer.

The diagnostic tests for COVID-19 are designed to detect the presence of exosomes in the human body and fraudulently diagnose the subject as having COVID-19 if the presence of exosomes is detected.

COVID-19 does not exist.

Any person who is fighting off the cold, the flu, asthma, cancer or the negative effects of exposure to excessive electromagnetic energy and who is tested for COVID-19 will be fraudulently diagnosed with COVID-19, because that person’s body will have produced exosomes as an immune response to this assault on their health. Read more...

COVID-19 is a scapegoat for deaths caused by 5G wireless internet.

By Andrew Mackinnon

Last updated: 23rd November, 2021

The mainstream media went bananas last year when ‘conspiracy theorists’ linked 5G wireless internet to the alleged COVID-19 virus because it wants to conceal this link on behalf of the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan which controls the mainstream media. Read more...