The official logo of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is an allusion to the Jewish (i.e. Edomitish) hexagram.

By Andrew Mackinnon

Last updated: 21st October, 2023

Here is the official purpose of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA):

“It is the duty of the Reserve Bank Board, within the limits of its powers, to ensure that the monetary and banking policy of the Bank is directed to the greatest advantage of the people of Australia and that the powers of the Bank … are exercised in such a manner as, in the opinion of the Reserve Bank Board, will best contribute to:

a. the stability of the currency of Australia;

b. the maintenance of full employment in Australia; and

c. the economic prosperity and welfare of the people of Australia.” Read more...

The purpose of non-white immigration into Australia is to cause financial hardship for white Australian citizens and diminish their quality of life.

By Andrew Mackinnon

Last updated: 24th November, 2023

This is what happens in Australia when the size of the population of Australia increases as a result of the Australian federal government allowing non-white immigration into Australia: Read more...

There is no need for banks in Australia to charge interest on the money they create when they lend.

By Andrew Mackinnon

Last updated: 15th March, 2024

When any bank in Australia lends for any purpose, it creates the money that it lends out of nothing and charges interest on it, which causes the size of the money supply in Australia to increase by the amount of principal loaned. Read more...