‘Carbon dioxide-driven climate change’ is a fraud.

By Andrew Mackinnon

Carbon dioxide exists in the earth’s atmosphere at less than 400 parts per million (ie. 0.04% or 4% of 1%), which is less than 1 part per 2,500. Therefore it is manifestly obvious that carbon dioxide does not influence the temperature of the atmosphere to any appreciable extent. In short, carbon dioxide emissions are not causing ‘global warming’. Nor has it even been proven that ‘global warming’ is occurring.

‘Climate change’, which used to be called ‘global warming’, is a fraud designed to provide another excuse to set up world government on the basis that “it’s not possible to fight climate change unless all countries around the world work together in a co-ordinated manner”. The United Nations aspires to be that world government and is controlled by the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan. Read more...