“Our fear of China is not loathing”


Comment from Andrew Mackinnon on this article:

The author of this article, Peter Hartcher, secretly has Jewish ancestry and secretly self-identifies as Jewish (like Scott Morrison and Ross Gittins, to name just two others) which is why, in spite of anything he writes pretending otherwise, he is absolutely committed to Australia being swamped as a result of mass immigration from China as a means of facilitating its inclusion in an Asia-Pacific Union, including China, India, Australia and all of the other Asian countries. An Asia-Pacific Union is required by the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan in order to establish world government ruling over the various intended unions of the world. (The synagogue of Satan also wants to establish a North American Union, including the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. It has already established a European Union, a South American Union and an African Union.)

Five years ago, there were Australian citizens complaining about mass immigration from China and about non-citizens being legally allowed by the Australian government to purchase and own real estate in Australia, such as citizens of China who are not citizens of Australia. They were unceremoniously ignored by the mainstream media in Australia, such as the Sydney Morning Herald, who took great delight in censoring the comments that these Australian citizens submitted for publication on their websites, by deleting them and refusing point-blank to publish them.

Five years later, now that a larger proportion of Australians have realised the manner in which their country has been trampled upon as a result of mass immigration from China and as a result of Chinese ownership of Australian assets, like real estate, ports and electricity infrastructure, the media sits up and takes notice. This article is Peter Hartcher’s attempt to pretend to care about the damage that Australia has sustained over the past three decades as a result of its entanglement with China – a communist country that ruthlessly dominates its citizenry and which habitually suppresses freedom of expression of Chinese citizens who adhere to the Christian faith.

Peter Hartcher asks, “What to do, exactly?”, in relation to China’s increasing domination of Australia economically through ownership of Australia’s real estate, ports and electricity infrastructure and culturally through mass immigration from China which has swamped Australia with Chinese and caused widespread congestion, as well as escalating house prices over the past two decades due to increased demand for housing from non-citizens of Australia, who have been legally allowed by the Australian government to own real estate in Australia, in spite of their lack of Australian citizenship.

“What to do, exactly?” It’s really very simple:

1. Prohibit non-citizens from owning real estate in Australia.

2. Deport non-citizens from Australia, including Chinese non-citizens.

3. Restrict immigration to people who can speak, read and write English and who aren’t of Chinese, Indian, otherwise Asian or African ethnicity and who aren’t Muslims. (Policy on refugees is separate and should include not participating in wars that create refugees, such as World War I, World War II, the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the Afghanistan war, the Iraq war and the Syria war, and helping refugees in their country of residence where possible.)

4. Stop all trade with China or limit trade with China to that which is in the best interests of Australia.

5. Buy back Chinese-owned assets in Australia, such as real estate, ports and electricity infrastructure.

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