I put a letter into a red Australia Post box and fell down a rabbit hole.

By Andrew Mackinnon

I put a letter into a red Australia Post box on the street today and was very surprised to see that the times after which the box gets emptied have changed.  It used to be 6pm on weekdays and Sunday but now it’s 3pm on weekdays and 12pm on Sundays.  I guess they don’t want their drivers being out so late on the roads when the roads are very busy around 6pm with everybody coming back from work during the week and when the sun has gone down so that it’s dark during the months that don’t fall under daylight savings.

So, when I got back home, I went to the Australia Post website to find an official statement relating to these new times.  I brought up the home page of the Australia Post website, being http://auspost.com.au, and was very interested to observe that this home page contains various photos showing five adults and one child.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Of the five adults, one was male (i.e. 20%) and four were female (i.e. 80%).  (Note that in real life, about 50% of the population is male and 50% of the population is female.)
  • Of the five adults, one was white, Anglo-Saxon (i.e. 20%) and the other four were non-white, non-Anglo-Saxon (i.e. 80%).  The white, Anglo-Saxon adult was female.  Back in the real world (you know, the one in which Australia Post delivers letters), more than 50% of the population of Australia is white Anglo-Saxon. 
  • There were no (i.e. zero) white, Anglo-Saxon, adult males shown on the home page of the Australia Post website, whereas white, Anglo-Saxon, adult males easily constitute more than 16% of the population of Australia.
  • Of the five adults, shown, three of them were looking at a smartphone and giggling about something they obviously found very funny.  (They were probably looking at the home page of the Australia Post website and laughing at the absence of white, Anglo-Saxon, adult males.)  Another one of them was sitting on a couch looking delightedly into an Australia Post package.  The last adult was drinking out of a coconut through a straw while wearing sunglasses.
  • The child was a five to seven year old white, Anglo-Saxon male with blonde hair who was wearing bright yellow socks, bright red shorts, a musk (i.e. pink) and grey-striped long-sleeve t-shirt and, I kid you not, white bunny ears on his head.  So I guess the joke’s on him.

Who do think has historically delivered the bulk of the mail in Australia for Australia Post?  White, Anglo-Saxon males.

So, what they should have done is take the bunny ears off the kid and give him some normal clothes for boys so that he can feel proud of his masculinity.  They should have replaced the woman drinking out of a coconut with a white-as-a-ghost, Anglo-Saxon, female teenager, in order to promote a realistic age distribution.  Then, because non-citizens are inevitably going to find themselves being deported due to popular sentiment finally heading in the right direction, they should have gotten rid of the woman on the couch and replaced her with a white, Anglo-Saxon, adult male wearing a long-sleeve, open-necked, white, cotton shirt and beige trousers – irresistible fashion sense.  Lastly, they should have put the white, Anglo-Saxon woman (who was looking at the smartphone) next to him on the couch and pretended that they were a married couple.  It’s not like white, Anglo-Saxons are doing so great as a demographic cohort in their own country, so why not plug marriage and hope for more little, white Anglo-Saxons to be flitting about the place in the future?

Try as I might, I had no success in finding an official statement on the website relating to the times after which the red Australia Post boxes in the street are emptied.  This is evidence writ large of a formerly great institution gone bad.

When I visited the website, being http://auspost.com.au, using my Firefox web browser, I also received a warning from the browser which said, “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead”.  So, I clicked on “Accept the Risk and Continue” and reached the website.  It seems to me the security risk is that Australia Post is trying to undermine the white, Anglo-Saxon heritage of Australia.

Australia Post used to be one of the most highly respected, if not the most highly respected, government-run institution in Australia but those days are long gone.  The frontline staff still command respect with their exemplary customer service but the management is rotten.  What happens when a good institution goes bad is that somebody like me goes to do something as simple as post a letter and ends up feeling compelled to spend an hour and a half documenting everything glaringly wrong with the entity involved, Australia Post, and another hour after that publishing it to the internet and editing it.  Two and a half hours!  How much is the executive responsible for customer service and public relations at Australia Post getting paid?

The current Chief Executive Officer of Australia Post is Christine Holgate.  While I can’t find any conclusive evidence that she has Jewish ancestry, which is what I’d really like to find to explain the mess that Australia Post is in, it’s obvious to me that she’s deliberately running Australia Post in accordance with a highly ideological agenda that is biased against the encumbent white, Anglo-Saxon population of Australia.

Here’s the deal.  The Australian government ramped up mass immigration in a dramatic manner from about 2009 onwards, which is about ten years ago.  Back then, I didn’t have any clear idea about what was really happening in and to this nation.  I didn’t work most of it out until 2014. (I should have started this website five years ago instead of putting it off. However, during the past five years, I’ve been working in other ways to raise awareness, such as by sending out emails and commenting on websites.) My point is that the government has only been delivering the final killer blow for about ten years.  The overwhelming majority of the population are now fully aware of the manner in which their best interests are being subverted by mass immigration.  By no means is it too late to reverse much of the damage that has already been done, but we need to act now. Not in six months’ time. Not in a year’s time.  Now.  What the Australian government sneeringly refers to as a “populist movement” (meaning the majority opinion of Australian citizens, which is a foundational democratic concept) is a tidal force which can effect the changes that need to take place in this nation:

1. Prohibit non-citizens from owning real estate in Australia.

2. Deport non-citizens from Australia.

3. Restrict immigration to people who can speak, read and write English and who aren’t of Chinese, Indian, otherwise Asian or African ethnicity and who aren’t Muslims.

(Policy on refugees is separate and should include not participating in wars that create refugees, such as World War I, World War II, the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the Afghanistan war, the Iraq war and the Syria war, and helping refugees in their country of origin where possible.)

4. Limit trade with other countries to that which is in the best interests of Australia.

5. Buy back foreign-owned assets in Australia that are owned by non-English speaking entities, such as Chinese-owned real estate, Chinese-owned ports and Chinese-owned electricity infrastructure.

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