The internet is marred by the presence of pornography.

By Andrew Mackinnon

It really bothers me that the most powerful medium of communication in the history of the world, the internet, is marred by the presence of pornography.

The reality is that a person can live anywhere, even in relatively remote locations, and still have a functional life if they have an internet connection where they live, because the internet enables them to communicate with anybody anywhere else in the world who also has an internet connection. Read more...

Jewish people are descendants of Esau and the Edomites.

By Andrew Mackinnon

Last updated: 12th November, 2021

The people around the world calling themselves “Jews” are descendants of Esau, the son of Isaac who forfeited the blessing of God to his younger brother, Jacob. Descendants of Esau are known as “Edomites” in the Old Testament (Genesis 36:43, the Bible). Read more...