Buying a house is not the only major milestone Australians are delaying

Comment from Andrew Mackinnon on this article:

The Australian government has done everything possible over the past four decades to discourage Australian citizens from getting married and having children.  As a result, the birth rate in Australia has declined dramatically over this time.  The Australian government, acting on behalf of the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan, actively sought this decline in the birth rate in order to provide the justification it needed to dramatically increase immigration from China, India and other Asian countries.  Its ultimate strategy behind immigration into Australia is to displace and replace the existing Anglo-Saxon population of Australian citizens and its Christian culture and heritage.  The ultimate target of this subversion is the expression of Christian faith in Australia and the accompanying sovereignty of Australia.

The Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan wants to merge Australia into an Asia-Pacific Union including China, India, Australia and other Asian countries.  The Australian government is using mass immigration into Australia from China and India in order to change the racial composition of its population and make it easier to establish an Asia-Pacific Union, ruled over by world government.

The author of this article, Matt Wade, secretly has Jewish ancestry and secretly self-identifies as Jewish (like Scott Morrison and Ross Gittins, to name just two others) which is why he is absolutely committed to supporting a false mainstream media narrative which obscures the real reasons for Australia’s declining birth rate over the past four decades.  It’s not difficult to look into Matt Wade’s eyes and see somebody who is wholeheartedly committed to obfuscation.

The Australian government has utilised several different methods to reduce the birth rate in Australian over the past forty years in order to provide the justification it needed to dramatically increase immigration from China, India and other Asian countries into Australia.

The Australian government has approved a very bloated secondary school curriculum which means that students don’t finish secondary school until the age of eighteen years.  It should be sixteen years of age, two years earlier. Naturally, this leads to a delay in the age at which Australian citizens get married and have children. The legal age of adulthood should be lowered from eighteen years to sixteen years and citizens should be eligible to obtain a provisional drivers license at the age of sixteen years, not seventeen years.

The Australian government has approved the operation of single-sex schools, particularly single-sex secondary schools, in which males and females are cruelly separated from each other during their teenage years.  Single-sex schools serve to dramatically reduce the capacity of the students who attend them to relate effectively to their peers of the opposite gender, so that when they finish secondary school at the age of eighteen years, they are unprepared for adult life and must learn to relate effectively to their peers of the opposite gender as fully-grown adults.  This naturally postpones the age at which Australian citizens have been getting married, which should be around the age of 20 to 24 years.

The Australian government has approved the distribution of pornography throughout Australian society, starting in earnest in the 1980s.  During the 1980s, hard-copy pornography was distributed via newsagents and petrol stations throughout Australia.  Despite its immense political influence at that time, the Jewish-controlled Church of England in Australia, also known as the Anglican church, approved of this subversion and did nothing to stop it.  Widespread exposure to this material among adolescent males, particularly males attending single-sex schools, reduced their ability to relate effectively to their peers of the opposite gender, which led to a delay in the age at which they later married while they learned how to relate to females in a healthy and wholesome way.  Of course, hard-copy pornography has now been replaced by internet pornography, which is probably a large part of the reason why the internet was established for use by the general public in the first place.

The increase in the cost of university education has meant that it takes university graduates longer to save up for a deposit in order to buy a house because their income is reduced by the increased repayments for their university education.  This leads to a delay in purchasing a house which, in turn, leads to a delay in getting married and having children, since most people want to get married and own their own home instead of rent and be answerable to a landlord.  The permanency of the marriage relationship is best suited, in the eyes of most married couples, to a permanent place to live which is owned rather than rented.

The Australian government has deliberately inflated house prices over the past four decades with the explicit objective of making it more difficult for Australian citizens to own their own homes so that they are less likely to get married and have children.  The principal ways in which it has achieved this objective have been by allowing the banks to lend for the purpose of the borrowers buying ‘investment’ properties, which has increased demand for ‘investment’ properties (dubiously financed with borrowings instead of savings like investment should be), the introduction of negative gearing in the mid-1980s (by allowing property ‘investors’ to deduct their losses against unrelated forms of income like salaries from employment, making ‘investment’ properties more affordable) to increase demand for ‘investment’ properties and mass immigration over the past three decades to dramatically increase the population of Australia and thereby increase demand for housing in general.

It is completely obvious that the Australian government has waged open warfare as a representative of the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan against the institution of marriage over the past four decades.  It has done everything possible to prevent Australian citizens from settling down, getting married and enjoying the unparalleled bliss of sexual relations in marriage between husband and wife as the analog on earth of the union of Jesus Christ and the church in heaven.

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