Australian citizens should be able to vote voluntarily on every issue via the internet or phone.

By Andrew Mackinnon

We need to establish direct democracy in Australia whereby all Australian citizens aged 18 years and over can vote voluntarily on every single issue that our elected ‘representatives’ in federal parliament, state parliaments and local governments currently decide on our behalf.  This voting would take place via the internet or via telephone for those who don’t have access to the internet.

Direct democracy ensures that the majority will of Australian citizens is reflected in all of the decisions made that affect us.  It utilises the enormous expertise and experience that exists among adult Australian citizens of all ages and engages adult Australian citizens in shaping the country they live in, instead of offensively treating them like children who can’t be trusted with decision-making responsibilities.

Under our current system of representative democracy in Australia, we elect a small number of people to decide upon the issues that affect us as citizens.  In Australia, we have one federal representative for about every 160,000 citizens – 150 federal representatives in total representing about 24 million citizens in the 150 federal electorates that make up Australia.

What we experience in Australia as it operates under this system of representative democracy is that it’s not representative at all.  Our elected ‘representatives’ consistently vote against the majority will of Australian citizens so that very few decisions are made by our elected ‘representatives’ which actually reflect the majority will of the citizenry.  Our system of ‘representative’ democracy is the perfect system for ignoring the majority will of Australian citizens, because only a tiny number of elected ‘representatives’ need to be persuaded by lobby groups such as the banking industry to vote in a certain manner on any given issue.

‘Representative’ democracy actually bestows God-like, metaphysical powers upon our elected ‘representatives’ to direct the course of history by deciding among themselves all of the issues that directly affect the lives of the citizens under their ‘leadership’.  Our elected ‘representatives’ are directly influencing the shape that the lives of Australian citizens take through all of the decisions they make in federal parliament, in state parliaments and in local governments.

In contrast, direct democracy ensures that the majority will of Australian citizens is always reflected in the decisions made because all citizens of voting age who wish to participate can vote voluntarily via the internet or via telephone on all of the decisions made.  Under direct democracy, it is absolutely impossible to ignore the majority will of Australian citizens, which is defined as more than 50% of the vote on any given “Yes or No” issue.

Direct democracy enables Australian citizens to collectively and directly influence the shape that their lives take by providing them with the opportunity to vote voluntarily on every single issue that affects them.  This opportunity is not a privilege.  It’s a fundamental right that Australian citizens lack under our current system of ‘representative’ democracy.

What kind of Australia do YOU want to live in?

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