This website was borne out of my tectonic frustration at being routinely censored by Jewish-controlled (i.e. Edomitish-controlled) mainstream media websites for broaching subjects in the comments sections that the moderators of those websites simply do not want their readers to be discussing.  Add to that the long wait times for one’s comments to appear on these sites and there was simply no alternative remaining but to start my own website.

Unlike mainstream media websites, your comments on this website will be subject to minimal moderation in order to avoid any wearisome barrier or delay to publication.  Unlike mainstream media websites, if you want to discuss Jewish (i.e. Edomitish) control, manipulation, subversion or infiltration of the church of Jesus Christ (such as the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church or Church of England, the Uniting Church, the Baptist Church and the Salvation Army), politics (e.g. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is a Jew (i.e. Edomite) pretending to be a follower of Jesus Christ), law, economics, finance, the military, intelligence operations, et cetera, I wholeheartedly welcome your comments.  There are any number of other subjects which the mainstream media is loath to allow readers to discuss by commenting on their websites without heavily moderating or censoring their comments, such as the debilitating effect that microwave emissions from wireless internet, compact fluorescent light bulbs and ‘smart’ electricity meters have on the human body via oxidation of cells in the human body and other means.  However, you’re most welcome to comment on any of these subjects on this website.

Every comment that you post to this website will be published immediately without delay, provided that it is not rejected automatically by the spam filter operating on this website.  Any comment that is subsequently found to be in breach of the moderation guidelines will be removed from the website.  You can find out more about the moderation process that this website uses and the guidelines concerning comments posted to this website on the Moderation page of this website.

I encourage you to put forward your best ideas and to present them in the best possible light.  I’ll enjoy learning from you because I’ve always found, without exception, that reading the comments of other contributors introduces me to a wealth of information that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered or even known.  The best solutions to the problems facing us often arise from the best contributions of many different people made in good faith.


Andrew Mackinnon
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia