This website was borne out of my tectonic frustration at being routinely censored by Jewish-controlled (i.e. Edomitish-controlled) mainstream media websites for broaching subjects in the comments sections that the moderators of those websites simply do not want their readers to be discussing.  Add to that the long wait times for one’s comments to appear on these websites and there was simply no alternative remaining but to start this website as my own WordPress website in late 2019, in order to publish information in an efficient and effective manner on the internet. I should have started using WordPress ten years earlier.

This website was first named confabulate.org in late 2019, then confabulate.online, then white-alliance.online, when I realised in 2020 that white people are the real descendants of Jacob and the Israelites living on the earth today, and is now named white-alliance.blog.

I’ve been researching ‘conspiracy theories’ for two decades since August, 2003, when I realised beyond any doubt that 9/11 was a set-up.


I originally published the website, to which the web page above belongs, to the internet in late 2010 or early 2011. The name of this website was stop-global-government.org at that time. However, I subsequently changed the name of this website to stop-global-government.com and then to stop-world-government.com.

I added the “About me” web page above to the website in late 2010 or early 2011 when I originally published the website, in order to put my name to the authorship of the website, since all of the other web pages that I added to the website did not put my name to their authorship at that early time. I rewrote the web page above a few times as the years went by, making changes which predominantly related to the first paragraph and to the second last paragraph beginning with, “Since that time,”, including the number of years that had passed since I realised that 9/11 was a set-up in August, 2003, recorded at the start of the second last paragraph. The rest of the text currently on the web page above is mostly identical to the text on the web page above when I first added the web page above to this website. According to the authorship of this “About me” web page recorded near the top of this web page, the last time I updated this web page was 10th January, 2016.


Andrew Mackinnon
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia